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Scratch Programming in Easy Steps

Book cover: Scratch Programming in Easy Steps "A brilliant introduction to one of the most widely used programming languages in UK schools, which enables children to bring their ideas to life with almost startling ease... The explanatory text is beautifully clear, with jargon kept for when it's absolutely necessary."
- Teach Primary Magazine.

Scratch is a programming language that's widely used in schools and universities, and is the perfect first starting point for people of all ages who want to learn to program.

It's designed to enable you to be creative in making your own games, animations and other programs, while it shields you from the complexity of many other programming languages. Scratch has recently found a whole new audience on the Raspberry Pi.

Scratch in Easy Steps will show you how you can use Scratch to build games and other programs. Each chapter includes step by step examples you can build and experiment with, and the book covers the full range of Scratch's capabilities.

This book covers the web-based Scratch 2.0 as well as Scratch 1.4, as used on the Raspberry Pi.

If you're looking for more fun projects to build and customise, my book Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps is a perfect companion to this title.

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Preview the Scratch projects in the book

screenshot from Scratch Programming in Easy Steps

Take your first steps with Scratch by programming the cat to walk.

The book in brief

Book Title Scratch Programming in Easy Steps
Book Author Sean McManus
Publisher In Easy Steps
ISBN 978-1840786125
Pages 216

Free PDF sampler of Scratch Programming in Easy Steps

Free PDF Sampler

Read the Magpi review

Scan of review from The Magpi

The book was reviewed in issue 21 of The Magpi. They concluded: "It is written in plain English, is fully illustrated and is printed in full colour. If you are looking to start programming in Scratch then this will surely be a perfect addition to your bookshelf."

10 block Scratch demos

I've been making a series of Scratch demos in under 10 blocks that illustrate things you can do in Scratch. They're presented in demo cards you can share with friends on social media, and accompanied by a more detailed explanation to help you understand how to adapt them. I made many of these for my Code Club group, to explain key features of the language.

Bonus content and updates

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