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Here's a selection of games I've written which you can play in your browser, together with links to download my Python game from Mission Python. If you'd like to talk about licensing a game or a custom version of a game for your website, please email me.

photo of joke chatty teeth

Random joke machine

Screengrab of the game from Mission Python

Mission Python

My book Mission Python shows you how to build a space adventure game using the Python programming language on your PC or Raspberry Pi. Download the free PDF sampler and the game code to play it now!

Balloons with happy and sad faces on them

Wild Mood Swings

How do you want to feel today? Pick a mood at Wild Mood Swings and it will take you to an appropriate website in another window. Try mood surfing today.

Picture of Virtual Sean, who looks like a character from the South Park TV cartoon

Chatback: Talk to Virtual Sean

Chatback lets you have a conversation with an on-screen character, who responds to keywords in what you say and learns what you type in. Uses speech where supported on your device.

Hangman drawn on paper


This is the classic word guessing game with about 200 words included. I've chosen a few words that I think will be hard to guess. Can you get them?

Snowman Christmas decoration


Can you guess the word before the Snowman is complete? This is a Christmas-themed version of the classic word game Hangman.

Slide puzzle screengrab

Misfit: Sliding puzzle game

Give your brain a workout with this sliding puzzle game. There are lots of photos to choose from.

Photo of pack of cards scattered on desk


This is a classic card game, popular with children, where you have to remember where pairs of cards are. This version uses photo cards. What's your best score?

Christmas soldier decoration

Christmas Pairs

This is a version of the card game Pairs, also known as Memory or Concentration, with a Christmas theme. Some of the cards are similar, so this is harder than the main Pairs game.

Photo of key going into a lock

Scrambler: Secret Message Maker

Use Scrambler to code your secret messages using a password, or to decode messages your friends send you.

Photo of hands holding a budding plant


Conway's game of Life is a simulated ecosystem. You can assign cells to a grid and watch as they evolve. If they're too crowded, they'll die. If they're lonely, they'll die too. Only the fittest and most comfortable survive. Can you make a community that thrives?

Photo of paint pots, seen from above


This toy pre-dates touch devices and needs a mouse. Use the mouse to dip your pointer in the different coloured inks and smear them across the virtual canvas. Fingerpaint offers all the joy of childhood painting, with none of the mess.

Webcam cartoon

Virtual Webcam

Take a peek at me working with this Javascript-powered virtual webcam. You'll find me at my desk whenever you check in!

Tennis ball photo


Wallbuster is a version of the classic bat and ball game, where you have to move the bat to keep the ball in play and demolish the wall. To control the bat, place the mouse on top of it and slide it left and right. This game opens in a new window.

Sean's Amstrad CPC

Sean's Amstrad CPC games

I wrote my first games using the Amstrad CPC computer way back in the 1980s. You can download my BASIC and assembly language games to play in an emulator, and read my CPC programming book.

Photo credits: Teeth, Snowman, Christmas Pairs soldier, webcam, by Pixabay, Balloons by Hybrid, Hangman by Adobe Stock, Cards by Jack Hamilton, Key by Fotolia, Life by Pexels, Paint by Unsplash, Tennis Ball by Ben Hershey.


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